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What is Happening Now / The Process

Emily Manganese Deposit History

Minnesota has world-recognized iron ore deposits that have been a key part of the state and our national economy for more than a century.

Minnesota has the largest high-grade unmined deposit of manganese in North America at a time when the use and demand for the mineral continues to grow.

The manganese deposit site is in Emily, Crow Wing County, Minnesota and is part of the Cuyuna Iron Range – part of Minnesota’s Iron Range.

The deposit was discovered in the early 1910’s during exploration for iron, and detailed exploration carried out by Pickens Mather, US Steel and others in the 1940s and 1950s.

The manganese exists in multiple lenses within iron ore mineralization from 250 to 600 feet below the surface.

Being in oxide iron ore mineralization, similar to other Minnesota iron ore deposits, significantly reduces the risks associated with mining minerals that are in sulfide mineral deposits.

The Emily Manganese mineralization is located on sites that are privately owned as well as on land owned by the State of Minnesota.

North Star Manganese has agreements with several private landowners and is working through the process to lease mineral rights for the State-owned property.

Based on past studies and metallurgical tests, the manganese from the Emily manganese deposit has been demonstrated make high-grade manganese that can be used for the battery, electric vehicle, and electric storage markets.